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A Blueprint for How To Make a Step 1 Study Schedule

We break down the process for creating a study plan for the USMLE Step 1

Cram Fighter Now Supports the Emergency Medicine Shelf

Med students can now study for the EM Shelf with Cram Fighter!

All About the MCAT Test: MCAT Topics, MCAT Question Breakdown, and More

We’ll clue you in on everything you’ll need to know about the MCAT exam, including its main topics, structure, test prep statistics, and more.

How To Prepare for the MCAT: One Student’s Advice

We spoke with Claire Sinai, a student at Brandeis University, who told us how creating the right study plan got her the score she wanted on the MCAT.

Cram Fighter’s Most Popular MCAT Study Resources

We share stats based on our customers' study plans to help you decide how to prepare for the MCAT.

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