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Step 1 Exam: When and Why You Should Start Studying

We explain the best study habits to develop as you start thinking about Step 1.

Cram Fighter Now Supports the USMLE Step 2 CS and COMLEX Level 2 PE

We’ve added two more exams to Cram Fighter so that med students can create an even more comprehensive study plan.

Cram Fighter Now Offers a Free Study Plan Consultation with 12-Month and 2-Year Subscriptions

As a special bonus, subscribers to our 12-month and 2-year plans can now chat with a Cram Fighter expert as they create the ultimate boards study plan.

Cram Fighter Now Officially Supports the NBMEs

Medical students can now create a study plan specifically for the NBME Basic Science and Clinical Science tests with Cram Fighter.

How You Can Use Cram Fighter’s 2-Year Plan as an M1, M2, and M3

You may be surprised how many things you can use Cram Fighter for. Here’s how subscribing for a 2-year plan can help you as you progress through med school, whether you sign up in your first, second, or third year.

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