The USMLE Step 2 CS and COMLEX Level 2 PE test medical students on their ability to examine and diagnose patients in a mock settings. “CS” refers to clinical skills, and “PE” refers to performance evaluation. Since these exams emphasize communication skills and require students to think on their feet, some students may find them a bit intimidating. To feel confident on exam day, it’s best to prepare by making a plan.

Adding the USMLE Step 2 CS and COMLEX Level 2 PE to Cram Fighter were two of the most popular requests among medical students. Cram Fighter subscribers may now create a Step 2 CS or Level 2 PE study block and add relevant resources to study for these exams. Students tend to study by becoming familiar with a wide variety of clinical cases, which are covered by case-based resources such as First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS.

If you want to use Cram Fighter to study for Shelf exams or Step 2 CK, consider choosing a prepaid plan, like our 12-month subscription, so that you can use our study planning service for Step 2 CS as well. No matter what exam you’re tackling in med school, Cram Fighter has got you covered.

With Cram Fighter, you’ll know what you need to do each day in order to pass Step 2 CS or Level 2 PE with flying colors. If you have any questions about your study plan, or if you’d like us to add a supported resource for Step 2 CS or Level 2 PE, please send us an email at