Creating a boards study plan from scratch is a daunting task. Using Cram Fighter’s sample schedules, you don’t have to start with a blank slate. You can now download dozens of new sample schedules as Excel and PDF files to help you build your very own study plan.

We recommend using our sample schedules as guides for creating your own personalized study plan.

Cram Fighter sample schedules are organized by length. Whether you need a dedicated 4-week study plan or a long-term 6-month study plan, we’ve got you covered. We also offer options for those studying for both the USMLE Step 1 and the COMLEX Level 1 as well as the USMLE Step 2 CK. In addition, you’ll also find study plans for IMG students.

You’ll find sample schedules for various combinations of resources, too. Of course, UWorld, First Aid, and Pathoma (UFAP) have had some serious staying power. But you can also find study plans that include recently-popular resources like SketchyMicro and Boards and Beyond. Don’t see the combination you’re looking for? Create your own schedule with a 7-day free trial at You can add or remove supplemental resources at any time without having to manually tinker with an Excel sheet. Cram Fighter automatically adjusts to changes, so you don’t need to manually calculate what you need to do each day.

We recommend using our sample schedules as guides for creating your own personalized study plan. Sample schedules should serve as an inspiration. Use them to preview your expected workload, and to preview how chapters and videos from multiple resources fit together.

Unlike Cram Fighter, a static Excel or PDF schedule can’t help you get back on track if you fall behind. Since these sample USMLE study schedules aren’t very flexible or adaptable, we encourage you to spend ten to fifteen minutes making your own plan using our web app. Using a benchmark or guideline is a good way to get started when you’re lost, but you’ll ultimately want to have a custom plan that suits your life. If you need help getting started, feel free to reach out to us a with any questions you have.