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Four Tips for Setting Up Your USMLE Step 1 Dedicated Study Block

We explain how best to create a dedicated study block using Cram Fighter as students gear up for the final stretch of USMLE Step 1 preparation.

Using Self-Assessments in Your Step 2 Study Plan

Ryan B., a medical student at Medical College of Wisconsin, tells us about his thoughts on Step 2 self-assessments.

Cram Fighter Partners with McGraw-Hill Medical for USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1 Prep

Find out Cram Fighter and McGraw-Hill Medical are teaming up to bring students discounts and early access to some new resources.

Studying for the USMLE Step 1 Without Cramming

Creating a long-term study plan and using interval-training techniques help students prepare to ace the USMLE Step 1 without the stress of having to cram.

How to Create a 12-Week USMLE Study Schedule

We explain how you can build a study schedule for the USMLE Step 1 with a 12-week sample study plan.

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